Ice Melt

Environmentally friendly ice melt. Wont hurt vegetation, safer for children and pets, less damage to wood and concrete make Environmelt one of the safest Ice melts. 50lb bag $21.45

Rubber Products

Looking for rubber flooring? Interlocking tiles, rubber rolls, crossfit mats, impact tiles, We can help!! Contact us today.

Alliance Gator

Quality is their strength

Alliance Gator offers a wide range of hardscape products and is considered a leading force in the industry. Established in 2003, Alliance Gator’s sole mission is to offer high-quality products designed and formulated to meet their clients hardscaping needs. From polymeric sand and dust products to binding agents, at Alliance, quality is their strength.

Call us at (204) 223-2340 to speak with someone from our team.


  • Gator Base
  • Polymeric Sands
  • Gator Tile System
  • Gator Aqua Rock
  • Gator Edge/Nails/Screws
  • Cleaners
  • Sealers
  • Binding Agents
  • Gator Rock Bond Kit
  • Gator Grid & Fabric