Smart Level



Smart Level App Connects by Bluetooth
-View elevation readings in real time or store data for use later.
– Custom Name elevation points. (e.g. – Back Porch Step = 0, South Back Corner = -18.5” etc.)
– Allow the user to plot height, direction and angular measurements, along with notes.
– Generate graphs and charts on your laptop or smart device in real time.

Flexible Increments

– For establishing grades and distances.

Export Data
– Export Data into Excel.
– Export Data as “PNG” image format.

Auto Zero
– Set any point as your “0’ reference point.


Quality Central Processor
– Captures data points quickly and precisely.
– Backlit display for easy reading in dark or dim lighting.


Imperial or Metric
– Capture data in Imperial or Metric.
– Set your own desired increments.
– Set a custom margin of error for quick calculations.


The Smart Level System was designed to operate in conjunction with IOS/Apple devices.

– Bluetooth Compatibility with iPhone 7 updated to iOS 11 or later.
– iPad, 5th, 6th and 7th generation.
– iPad with an A9 or bigger processor.


Not all functions are available in android. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the limitations of Android devices. Android does have Image Mapping. This works differently than IOS in that Android Image mapping not only creates a .jpg image with the readings dropped in, but also creates the X,Y,Z CSV coordinates for upload into CAD. This does require a photo/image which can be taken with a mobile phone, drone, satellite image, etc. Android does not have AU, Augmented Reality. This is the ability to measure with your phone as you walk.

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